Here at Infusion Studio, we believe everyone has ideas about how to market their own services, products, or special events. The challenge is that most people have no clue how to go about executing those ideas.

Which means that the Infusion Studio team’s first job is to listen! Why are you passionate about this product? What do you find so exciting about this upcoming event? Who is your typical customer? What has appealed to that group in the past? What has been an unmitigated failure? How do you differ from your competition?

Whether speaking with a representative of PepsiCo, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or the local Franklin Opera House, one-on-one communication is essential to transforming each client’s ideas into a cohesive, custom marketing plan.

The best marketing ideas in the world won’t work if they ignore two things – corporate values and personality,” says Heather Clifford, who founded the graphics design and marketing company in 2002. “And you can only get a feel for a client’s values and personality by getting to know them through substantive face-to-face or phone conversations – not Facebook chats or e-mail.

Direct communication with the project coordinator differentiates Infusion Studio from other graphic design firms – as does Clifford’s belief that every client deserves a customized design and marketing package unique to their needs and message. You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions at Infusion Studio! Just a marketing partner who brings you a distinctly personal approach.

So pick up the phone or drop us a line when you’re ready to infuse your ideas with a plan for execution! We look forward to hearing about the great things taking place at your company or organization these days.