Design Pick of the Week: Spa Ambiance

The website for Spa Ambiance in Rye, N.H. announces, “Nature, science, luxury… enhance your life.” What it does not mention is that inspired design can do the same thing – if only for a moment! Watch the logo for Spa Ambiance “fill in” on your screen and you too will be mesmerized. The visual is as soothing as watching waves roll up a beach.

This memorable design effect brings me to a place of peace and relaxation – just for a moment. Even though I realize I’m watching a computerized image on an electronic screen, the logo treatment offers a few seconds of serenity in a busy day. Our usual impatience with slow-loading graphics vanishes. Breathe deeply, the image seems to be saying – just as your Spa Ambiance massage therapist might too.

The logo designer used natural earth tones, sticking with a simple two-color scheme that suggests balance and calm. Even the spacing between the letters of the Spa Ambiance name allows me room to breathe. Wispy sea grass gives the logo motion and brings it to life – even on other pages of the website where you see the image in its static form.

Simple in form and execution, this logo treatment conveys its intended message very well. Sign me up!